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SketchUp 2019 (Mac) - I’ve tried a few times to add a polygon to my model (actually 3 different polygons to represent 3 different grids at different locations) and rename the material adding LSGrid to the name to no avail. The planes are importing, but not recognized as user defined grids.

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Hey Jason,

Thank you for sending us the .skp file. When we opened it in SketchUp for windows, the material name was a generic "Material 3".  We renamed it to "LS_Grid workplane" and it opened in LightStanza correctly (you can also name it "LSGrid Workplane"). Is it possible to check that the material name is sticking in SU 2019 Mac before exporting with the plugin?

Thank you.


Yea, just checked that and it turns out for some reason, renaming the material accordingly was not "sticking" when I would save and upload. I just tried it again with success. 


Awesome!  Let us know if you have any other issues.


ps. you can draw the plane in any orientation in SU and have it read in as a grid.  For example, if you named another material "LSGrid Vertical" you could draw it in a vertical orientation to say cut through a building atrium to measure light levels there.  Please note its directional and you can flip it once inside LightStanza.