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How to adjust finish specularity (matte, satin, metallic, etc.)?  



I know LightStanza's material library has some common opaque materials (aluminum, ceiling panel, etc.) that can be used and probably modified. My project has insulated metal panels that are visible in the rendering view, and I want to be compare a matte vs metallic finish and probably find something in the middle. Can I do this by using materials in the library that match the general finish and just change the color? 


Is there a way to create a BSDF file for the material and adjust the relevant properties? I have created glazing system BSDF's using LBNL Window 7.7, but don't see that I can create opaque materials in that software. Is there another resource that's available to do this?

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For opaque materials you can specify the specularity and roughness average to achieve what you're after.  By default, materials are displayed with simplified properties and this only includes the reflectance for opaque materials.  If you click the "View" button at the top of the material panel and select "Radiance Format" (see attached image) you can access more detailed controls for each material!

BSDFs do encapsulate both transmitted and reflected components, but I am not aware of any program like Window for generating these for opaque materials. Radiance does have a function called genBSDF for generating BSDF files if you are familiar with Radiance and working from the command line -  you may be able to generate something suitable that way:




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