Case Study: 5 Ways Verdacity Improved Daylight in School Design

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Co-authored by: Kris Callori, Verdacity and LightStanza Verdacity’s strategy is to implement big moves early, followed by progressively smaller ones that cumulatively result in a cohesive, effective building daylight strategy. This provides the maximum opportunity to gain LEED points. Verdacity integrates their methods with the typical architectural design process and conducts studies to inform building orientation, […]

How Verdacity Applies Climate Based Modeling for Better Daylight Design

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Co-authored by: Kris Callori, Verdacity and LightStanza Verdacity is a building sustainability consultancy headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico that informs the design of high performance buildings.  They use an integrative approach in all of their company service areas, starting with the discovery phase, then moving towards more detailed evaluations, and finally affirming design selections for […]

LEED v 4.1 Scorecards Now Available!

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Available now to comply with the USGBC draft of new scoring for the LEED daylight credit called LEED v4.1. Please note per Dan’s recommendations to the USGBC that this new version does not account for glary spaces and has other limitations which we hope the USGBC will rectify.  In the meantime, LightStanza also offers several […]

How LightStanza Makes Parametric Analysis Easy

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Want to compare how different materials can affect daylight, views and glare in your design?  Here’s how to: Easily apply materials to the same model & save different versions as separate designs: Run the same simulation on multiple designs: Split screen to compare and view 2 different reports/analyses side by side: Please email or visit the LightStanza […]