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All your Lighting Calculation Needs in One Package!

Work Anywhere

Run the most demanding calculations through any browser

Cloud Computing

Fast workflow: run calcs on complex geometry and keep working

Lighting Calcs

Fully featured normal, emergency, interior, exterior lighting calcs

Daylight Calcs

Daylight product modeling, annual metrics, glare analysis and more

Revit and Other Integrations

No more remodeling: design in and outside Revit, SketchUp, Rhino, etc

Online Modeling

Draw basic rooms, place fixtures, and perform quick layouts


Easily share drawings, analysis and layouts through the web

Compliance and Certification

Validated engine: for accurate LEED and other reporting

Advanced Calculations

Electric Lighting

Normal, emergency, interior, exterior lighting. LightStanza is the complete electrical lighting modeling and analysis software

Seamlessly work with Revit. No more tedious remodeling

Superior Project Management. Save 50% of time on your projects

Flexible and Intuitive Workflow. Work with a modern web-based interface

Work with Complex Geometry. Model detailed spaces


Daylight Modeling

Quantitatively and qualitatively understand and document daylight design performance. Get accurate scores throughout your design process.

Certification Quality LEED v4 (&4.1) Reports. Automatically create detailed documentation for green building certification.

Glare Analysis. Objectively determine where occupants will have pain-points so you can refine your daylight analysis strategy.

Daylight Product Integration: model real-world daylight products including Dynamic Glass, Tubular Daylight Devices, Honeycomb Glazing and more!

Trusted Results

LightStanza's calculation engine is validated, so that users can accurately predict how much light their clients are getting.

A Few of our Satisfied Customers:

Streamlined Workflows + Time Savings

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Work in Revit/Rhino/Sketchup/ArchiCAD as you normally do
Upload to LightStanza and design lighting layouts online
Sync data between modeling programs, work collaboratively, and run and view results at cloud compute speed
Find the Light in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Work in Revit/Rhino/Sketchup/ArchiCAD as you normally do

Step 2

Upload to your account in LightStanza and complete full lighting layouts online

Step 3

Sync data between modeling programs, work collaboratively, and run and view results at cloud compute speed

Working Together Should be Painless

Comment directly in LightStanza! Choose a point in your design, tag your colleague with a question and they are notified via email to go to exact same spot in the design to respond

Copy and send a web address link to your design to anyone, anywhere - recipient doesn't need to be a LS user to view and respond!

Customize and download high quality graphics, raw data and different file types for reports and presentations

Reach out to LightStanza tech support for quick and easy help

What our CUSTOMERS say
"LightStanza is an effective tool at running daylight calculations for cutting-edge building performance projects. Its ability to effortlessly run scores of analyses at once allows me to analyze daylight performance in much greater detail which leads to optimal design."
Romy Lin
Lighting Designer, stantec

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