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    The LightStanza Team is excited to announce a new 3D, easy-to-use, accurate, and interoperable version. By signing up, you will have access to the most accurate and complete LEED v4 scorecard on the market, which includes all of the recent scoring updates, as well as renderings, glare calculations, and point-in-time and annual illuminance grids with the click of a button.

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    We take pride in building something that matters, and are looking for Senior Back-End Software Engineers who value accuracy, usability, and exciting challenges that the green-building community faces today. As an agile team, we have a flat organization and give each member a significant leadership role.

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    While LightStanza is great for accurately showcasing daylight products, it is also perfect for architects and consultants who strive to achieve better daylighting in all of their projects.

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    LightStanza is user-driven, and built on extensive research on what our customers truly need. We're happy to give you a private demo or tutorial. Or, ask for a free consultation about your project, where we will determine the best daylighting analysis methods for you.

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Who Uses LightStanza?

Architects & Consultants

LightStanza provides an independent, focused, and accurate platform, facilitating better daylighting for all project types.

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Manufacturers of advanced daylighting products look to LightStanza for increased product visibility.

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You Can Too!

Contact us with any questions about how you can get started with LightStanza, or for a free product demo by calling (720) 722-0771 or emailing

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Access LightStanza Anytime, Anywhere!

LightStanza is a cloud-based web application, which means you don't have to install any software to your devices. Simply log on to and start your simulations!

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"LightStanza is smart in tackling the tough problems in daylight while also delivering an intuitive interface."

- Stuart Shell, Project Manager at Forte Building Science

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How it Works

To use LightStanza, just upload your 3D model to the cloud-based application, iterate with different materials, blinds operations, sky types, and other properties, and then rapidly simulate content! This simple process allows users to generate and share LEED v3 and v4 scorecards, annual metrics, point-in-time renderings and illuminance grids, and much more!

Begin by uploading your 3D model to the LightStanza interface. This model was designed by RNL Design of Denver, CO.

Apply different materials like glass, opaque, translucent, and even daylight products to your model. These materials are completely customizable with basic view for quick edits and advanced Radiance view for experts who want complete control of simulation parameters.

Iterate with more design options like your model's location and north angle. Changing north angle is helpful when testing similar spaces like offices or classrooms that span across different facades.

Even apply different blinds to the window groups that LightStanza automatically identifies for you (outlined in white above)! Identifying window groups is required for a compliant LEED v4 Spatial Daylight Autonomy score.

Generate results like illuminance grids or renderings at single points in time, as animations throughout the day or at key times, or over the entire year.

Renderings are great for looking at different materials' glare mitigation effectiveness. The image above on the left shows a 100% daylight glare probability score when using clear glass on the windows. On the right, dynamic glass brings that score down to 52%!

With the click of a button, generate a detailed USGBC-approved LEED v4 Daylight Credit Report with both Options 1 and 2 to choose from. You also have the option to generate LEED 2009 Daylight Factor reports.

Continue to iterate with different designs and results, tracking your activity with the activity bar!

Why Choose LightStanza?

LightStanza balances accuracy and ease-of-use as lightweight web-based software.

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