The architecture industry's most advanced daylighting analysis tool.

  • Eliminate tedious daylighting analysis that takes hours or even days with other tools
  • State-of-the-art 3D modeling with Revit, Rhino, & SketchUp
  • Robust analysis to optimize natural daylight
  • Visualize the impact of hundreds of innovative name brand lighting products
  • Detailed LEED daylight reports- fast!
  • Only tool that can easily calculate compliance for the new European Standard (prEN17037)

Created for...
  • Architects
  • Daylighting and Lighting Consultants
  • Sustainable Design Specialists
  • LEED Consultants
  • Project Managers
How LightStanza Works
Simply drop your working model file into LightStanza to see a complete, accurate report that simulates daylight conditions by time of day and year. Point-in-time rendering and illuminance grid animations, 6 different types of annual analyses, LEED v3 and v4 scorecards, glare reports, false color images, Daylight Factor calculations, and more are all at your fingertips!

Click the video above to watch a 2-minute LightStanza Overview.

Why Use LightStanza?

Comprehensive (Option 1 and Option 2) USGBC-approved LEED v4 report card.
  • Elevate your firm's building designs by optimizing how daylight and lighting products are used to enhance the human experience within the space.
  • Generate unlimited, rigorous LEED Compliance Reports
  • Only tool that follows IES LM-83
  • Provides most accurate results faster
  • Submit forms directly to USGBC for Daylight Credit
  • Provide Clients with practical data and realistic time-series animations that show how daylight affects their building, and get actionable data to make design changes to improve daylight delivery.

Glare Analysis

Analyze full days of Daylight Glare Probability (DGP) scores anywhere in your model with different products.

Illuminance Grids

24 hours of daylight, as well as annual climate-based simulations. Model Design by RNL Design, now part of Stantec.

Advanced Daylighting Products

Choose from the manufactured product library to quickly analyze and compare how different daylight products help your design!

Rendering Animations

Generate 3D experiential simulations. Model design by Cuningham Group Architecture.

Get Started Fast!

  • Work seamlessly with your design platform:
  • Iterate quickly- See the impact of your lighting design modifications in real time
  • Generate LEED v4 Daylight Scorecards without bogging down your computer
  • Collaborate with co-workers and clients with sharing features

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"LightStanza’s user interface makes complex calculations so simple that it allows us to focus on teaching students how to optimize daylight rather than spending the majority of a semester teaching them software."

- Dharini Sridharan, Academic Associate, CEPT University's M.Tech Building Energy Performance Program

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“The latest innovation in the pursuit of an improved human experience is electrochromic glass. Only LightStanza makes it possible to accurately simulate the effect of dozens of products on a design.”

- Stuart Shell, Forte Building Science, Omaha NE

"That SketchUp models are used for LightStanza meant that we could save lots of time by using the models that we'd already constructed for design purpose, instead of having to completely recreate our projects from scratch in [the other PC-based software]. This also meant that we no longer had to switch to Windows and back again to assemble the graphics generated from our analysis."

- Alan Cheung, Local Practice Architecture and Design, Vancouver, BC

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