Our Philosophy




An Infinitely Iterative Process

Just as the lighting design process is iterative, the team at LightStanza is constantly working to develop and improve our analysis software. Whether optimizing simulation speed, improving usability, incorporating feedback or developing new features for the app, LightStanza strives to continuously improve the software.  We make frequent updates!

Designed with the User in Mind

The team at LightStanza strives to create a seamless and intuitive lighting analysis software. We strive to create a simplified user experience to optimize the lighting design process.  We welcome and integrate user-feedback an essential part of our business model.  We actually cherish our customers who speak up about what they want and need to make their workday easier! 

Demystifying Lighting Analysis Software

At LightStanza, we love to hear your feedback. Is there something you feel we are missing or could improve upon? Let us know by connecting with a member of the LightStanza team support@lightstanza.com

Learn More about our Products:

"LightStanza helped us analyze complex geometry and compare several different options for artificial lighting in the Oklahoma Capitol Dome. It was a challenging task for us to take on. We were able to use our geometry and light fixtures from Revit to generate an accurate analysis environment, then LightStanza IES adjustment tools helped us fine-tune the lighting. The ability to tweak the IES files and to see those changes in 3D were critical to our process."
Nathan Terranova
FSB Architects + Engineers

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