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How to model Kalwall in Lightstanza?  



I have to model a Kalwall for a project using the following properties: VT 26% (Crystal Exterior FRP and White Interior FRP). How do I model that in light stanza?

I tried using the default translucent material available in the library- Polycarbonate 40% Translucent for the first run. This resulted in lot of glare and light issues. I tried changing the properties of this material. The properties default back to the already set properties of the material in lightstanza. What is the best way to model Kalwall alternatives then?

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Hi there! We're looking into the issue with your edits to the translucent material not sticking properly. In the meantime, you can set up a default/generic translucent material to behave similar to Kalwall as follows:

1) First, find the generic translucent material closest to what you need in the product library and add it to your model. Since you are looking for 26% VT, I'd start with the Polycarbonate 25% Translucent. (Note that this is already very similar to what you are looking for and may be sufficient).

2) At the top of the material pane, click on "View" and select the "Radiance Format" option. This will display the material parameters as exactly what gets passed to the simulation engine (Radiance), rather than the simplified version.

3) Click the pencil next to the generic translucent material and set the parameters as follows:
R: 0.6
G: 0.6
B: 0.6
S: 0.01
RA: 0.00
T: 0.43
TS: 0.00

This should be a good approximation of the material you are after! When we have an update regarding setting the simplified materials, I will update this answer.