What sets LightStanza Apart

Accurate Daylight Analysis​

LightStanza Just Works!

...The Competition Doesn't

Unlike our competitors, Lightstanza uses best practices for accurate daylight simulation using the RADIANCE engine. LightStanza's results are cited as gold-standard.

LightStanza was founded in 2015 by a leading expert in the field who participates in technical standards committees.

LightStanza’s gives you real data you can trust so you can enjoy the benefits of daylight.

In this example Autodesk Insight predicts daylight in windowless closets. It predicts the same amount of light outside the closet too (20%)!

There are no regulated tests for daylight accuracy

Our Competition exploits an unregulated Industry!

Studies have questioned accuracy of several tools

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People Crave Daylight

Daylight is the #1 Office Perk

Daylight Increases Educational Performance

Daylight has Benefits to Patients and Workers in Healthcare Buildings

Daylight Increases Alertness and Sleep Quality

Using  natural light as a resource reduces energy use and energy expenses.

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