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Creating windows  



How do I create windows in my model for LightStanza?

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In SketchUp - Windows are recognized as glass materials (less than 100% Opacity).

In Revit - Windows are recognized as glass materials (less than 100% Opacity).

In Rhino - There are two methods to import objects as windows from Rhino —by layer name or by display color.

The first method is to place all windows in Rhino on a layer named "windows," "glass," or "glazing", or any name that includes these keywords (all case-insensitive). LightStanza will automatically recognize this and create windows accordingly, overriding any display color settings.

The second method is to set the display color of glass objects to a blue hue (red and green components set to 0, blue set to any non-zero value). Note that this is based on the display color, not the material color.

If an objects display color is set to "By layer" and the layer display color is blue, that object will also be recognized as glass.

If you plan on having different materials for different window sets in LightStanza, you can apply different hues of blue (RGB(0,0,1-255)) to different window groups in Rhino. For example, if 20 windows have double pane glass, and 20 windows have dynamic glass, you could apply RGB(0,0,254) to the 20 double pane glass windows, and RGB(0,0,253) to the 20 dynamic glass windows. Once you upload this model to LightStanza, you can change all of your same-colored windows to a new material at once.

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