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How to use Revit Plugin for LightStanza?

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Revit Plugin for LightStanza Instructions

Download the Revit plugin for LightStanza here

You must use the plugin to import a Revit model to LightStanza.

It transforms your Revit “rooms” into illuminance grids (areas that measure daylight in your model) for use in LightStanza. To learn how to create rooms in Revit, click here.

1. Once you have made a room to represent each illuminance grid, make sure you are in the default “{3D}” view, then simply click the “Export to LightStanza” button (accessed through the “LightStanza” tab in Revit) to begin exporting to LightStanza.

2 .When export is complete, you will be brought to your model inside of, where your illuminance grids will be listed in the left Illuminance Grids panel. From there, you can turn them on, off, flip them, rename them, and measure annual and point-in-time illuminance from them. For more information, click here.

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