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Large model import issues  



My large model seems to be running too slowly. Anything I can do to help speed this up?

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Review your model and remove objects or uncheck items you don’t need to simulate for:

    • Remove complicated objects that don’t directly affect daylight
        • Examples include: railings on roofs, detailed road labels, ground vegetation, furniture and other systems - fire sprinklers, locks on doors, etc.
    • If there are complicated objects that do affect daylight (e.g. complex shading systems), simplify them as much as possible, and make sure they are modeled as a single object (not thousands of individual pieces)
    • Turn off grids or layers you don’t need In LightStanza
      • Check “Grids” panel- turn off illuminance grids you don’t need (i.e. parking garage layers, higher floors) -  you can sort the spaces by area to see the largest offenders
      • Check “Layers” panel and uncheck any layers you don’t need to simulate for
    • If using Revit, under Account Settings > Preferences - ensure “Automatic Family Filtering for Revit Models” is checked. Automatically filter out any extraneous Revit families. Removing these can improve performance and speed in the LightStanza 3D viewer and in simulations
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