Is your Lighting Product Featured in LightStanza?

Lighting manufacturers have partnered with LightStanza so users can see how a product will perform in their building design during the project phase. No other tool features products from manufacturers of film, skylights, shades and blinds, and even electrochromic glass.

Now architects and daylight designers can accurately predict – and even visualize – the impact of adding products to their building’s design during the project phase.

Reports on how each product affects daylight quality in the space are based on radiance and product data from manufacturers, including the product’s BSDF (bi directional scattering function).

Users can select from more than 40 manufacturer products built in to our software to:

  • - See how a product affects daylight with time lapse simulations
  • - Quantitatively measure illuminance and glare
  • - Compare products to learn how each affects daylight

Do you want your product featured in LightStanza? Email us to learn how!