Electric Lighting

New Generation Electric Lighting Analysis

Seamlessly Work with Revit

Import BIM with ease: Selectively work with and isolate any fixture, IES files, geometry or families in your Revit model.

Highlight spaces of interest: Analyze the full building with options to trim to individual spaces of interest.

Design in LightStanza or Revit: Maintain the Revit workflow or work in both.*

Use IES default material reflectances: LightStanza can automatically normalize surface reflectances in the architectural model to the IES or custom standards.

Automation of BIM documentation: Reflect the work done in Revit or LightStanza through the update of Revit families and schedules.

*See Electric Light Help Guides for details including limitations of this workflow

Superior Project Management

Dramatically increase productivity: Lighting plan views are automatically generated from any 3D model to work in 2D. Save hours or days per month on modeling and analysis.

Work directly with BIM & CAD geometries--no more tedious remodeling: Develop lighting designs directly on Revit, SketchUp, Rhino or ArchiCAD models.

Complete interior or exterior lighting designs: LightStanza allows designers to iterate both interior and exterior lighting creations.

Simplified Normal and Emergency Calculation Workflow: Tag and adjust individual or entire families of fixtures as emergency and run them simultaneously!

Quickly isolate spaces of interest: Crop to areas of interest to reduce the complexity of your model with the ability to return to your whole model and refocus.

Flexible & Intuitive Workflow

No more tedious exporting of plans: Holistically work on multi-story buildings with automatic generation of 2D lighting plan views from 3D CAD or BIM models.

Directly manipulate fixtures in 2D & 3D: Move and adjust luminaires with the click of a button.

Calculation history: LightStanza records every calculation result for easy retrieval so you don't have to recalculate previous studies and to reference while exploring design options.

Stretch linear fixtures with ease: Prorate fixture length and size in BIM and LightStanza will adjust the IES file accordingly.

Work anywhere on anything: Flexible online environment that runs and stores calculations in the cloud, freeing your computer.

*See Electric Light Help Guides for details including limitations of this workflow

Collaborative Lighting Design

Instantly share LightStanza designs: Eliminate sending files by tagging colleagues to directly comment on results.

Work asynchronously: Comment directly within designs or write annotation comments directy on reports.

Collaborative libraries: Create luminaire libraries to directly share with your teammates.

Efficient assistance: Tag LightStanza technical support directly in your design.

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"LightStanza helped us analyze complex geometry and compare several different options for artificial lighting in the Oklahoma Capitol Dome. It was a challenging task for us to take on. We were able to use our geometry and light fixtures from Revit to generate an accurate analysis environment, then LightStanza IES adjustment tools helped us fine-tune the lighting. The ability to tweak the IES files and to see those changes in 3D were critical to our process."
Nathan Terranova
FSB Architects + Engineers

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