LightStanza Just Works!

...The Competition Doesn't

Unlike our competitors, Lightstanza uses best practices for accurate daylight simulation using the RADIANCE engine. LightStanza's results are cited as gold-standard.

LightStanza was founded in 2015 by a leading expert in the field who participates in technical standards committees.

LightStanza’s gives you real data you can trust so you can enjoy the benefits of daylight.

In this example Autodesk Insight predicts daylight in windowless closets. It predicts the same amount of light outside the closet too (20%)!

There are no industry-wide tests for daylight accuracy

Our Competition exploits an unregulated Industry!

Studies have questioned accuracy of several tools

Read here for more details on Autodesk Insight compared to LightStanza


Autodesk Insight Lighting

The other tool shows 20% daylight in a windowless closet. LightStanza reports no daylight in the closets. 

The other tool shows the same values as the dark closet in a bright room. LightStanza shows the expected gradient.

LightStanza predicts the space to have a lively amount of daylight, receiving light from windows on both sides.  The other tool under-predicts the amount of daylight these windows bring in.  Since the other tool under-predicts in this area while over-predicts others it will be challenging to use as a design aid.

In order to enjoy the benefits of daylight, you need a tool you can trust, and daylight where you need it.  LightStanza is proven accurate, and is the tool for sustainability consultants, architects, engineers and others looking to build the best daylit buildings 

"We used Insight Lighting for many years, but found it to be a difficult tool to incorporate into the workflow without interrupting the work of other team members. In additions to some bugs and technical limitations, we sometimes find the results don’t make sense."
Waleed AlGhamdi