We are hiring Full-Stack Engineers!

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What We Need

We take pride in building something that matters, and are looking for Full-Stack Software Engineers who take ownership and pride in their work as they bring problems to completion. At LightStanza, we value diversity in work styles and ways of thinking, and actively seek team members who can work independently to produce astute solutions without top-down management, while still maintaining strong communication skills within a small adaptable team. We are looking for high performers who want diverse opportunities for growth, and want to be challenged, not only within engineering but also in running a business. With multiple innovation awards, we welcome engineers who are ready to solve brilliant problems at a company that values quality and meaningful work at the cutting edge of information and building technology, with great partners who care about design and the environment. Most importantly, we are interested in building the right (happy) team. For compatibility and long-term growth, we are for people whose passions align with ours.

Ideal Skillset

BS in Computer Science or equivalent. Experience in: Node, Mongodb, Angular, Three.js, Docker, Kubernetes, Websockets, SSL, and linux administration

What We Offer

We are a true small business (i.e. a single founder with no layers of VC or corporate investors) which is becoming rarer every day in the tech industry. We believe small companies are the best innovators in our economy when they are driven by core values and not just the trend or bottom line. LightStanza has won multiple innovation grants through the Department of Energy and National Science Foundation.

We are offering an incredible option to gain ownership in LightStanza, both in equity and in shaping the product, as we want our team to be more than just employees. We are a fun, flexible, and down-to-earth office. We are just as user-driven as we are data-driven, and our engineers and designers work very closely for a tight-knit and versatile team, with a common goal of being widely successful. We value input and focus on individual growth and discovery within the company.

How To Apply

If you are interested, please send your resume and a brief email to us at daniel@lightstanza.com. In your email, please tell us a bit about yourself - why LightStanza interests you and why you feel you can help make LightStanza a success.