Daylight is what makes us tick.

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Our Mission

Light Foundry, LLC is a startup based in Boulder, Colorado that makes the software LightStanza, a web application for daylight simulations. We are a group of talented yet grounded engineers, scientists, environmentalists, artists, and architects passionate about daylight.

Light regulates the way we eat, sleep, live, work and play. Yet in design, daylighting is often overlooked, and almost always oversimplified. It is either misunderstood or under-utilized, both as a dynamic spatial element of a room, and in the overall energy efficiency of a building.

Our founder set out to create a best-in-class daylight tool that everyone can use. LightStanza is unique in its focus on daylighting as a piece of the green building puzzle. We know that daylight can't be represented by a single number, so we offer several analysis options, each of which tells a different piece of the story. We address daylight alone so that we can get it right. We compute annual metrics, offer space-by-space scores for the LEED Daylight Credit, pinpoint areas of potential glare, and more, all with the precision and accuracy that only a focused tool can offer.

We believe that an effective product is the best way to harness the power of the sun to transform lives. We believe in accuracy, transparency, and ease of use. We believe that we can empower people to use computing for human and environmental benefits. We believe in rigor. We believe in ease. In this regard, we are not about developing "green" software, but about bringing awareness to a troubled environment and new opportunities for engagement by looking at light.

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