Pacific Energy Center Spring Seminar: A Complete Picture of Daylight

Thursday, June 9th, 2016 

Pacific Energy Center
851 Howard St.
San Francisco, CA 94103 

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This talk was presented by Dr. Daniel C. Glaser, Founder and Principal of LightStanza. 

The IES San Francisco and the Pacific Energy Center presented a Daylighting Spring Education Seminar: A Complete Picture of Daylight. This course included a 2 hour presentation with in-class exercises on daylighting metrics, followed by a 30-minute demonstration of cloud-based daylight analysis. 

Spaces lit with natural light have been linked with productive, healthy and happy occupants. Daylighting can be difficult without the right tools to help visualize how the sun interacts with a space. Those who attended learned about ways to investigate and use daylight effectively in their designs, how occupants use blinds, and whether the levels of natural light in a space minimize electric lighting use and glare. 

In this seminar we introduced different methods for looking at daylight, from renderings to IES LM-83 daylighting metrics, which have been adopted by LEED v4. These techniques can inform and help you create great daylighting in your buildings. We discussed the strengths, limitations, assumptions and controversy over each technique, including answers to questions such as:

  1. 1. Why are annual metrics necessary?
  2. 2. What do the metrics mean in terms of daylight design?
  3. 3. What qualities of daylighting do the metrics miss?
  4. 4. How does occupant behavior and the use of blinds affect both the daylighting “score” and experience of daylight?

Participation in this seminar informed how to pursue the LEED daylight credits and how to use new technology to drive daylight beyond LEED. Participants learned several principles and concepts of daylight analysis including solar geometry, sky conditions, annual climate data, sampling, material properties, glare and shade controls. An iterative daylight design example then illustrated trade-offs of various strategies. 

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Dan arriving to present at the Pacific Energy Center on his handy fold-up bicycle. 
There was a great turnout for the seminar. Audience members were eager to become experts on daylighting metrics! 
After the presentation, the in-class exercise taught participants how to generate sDA scores from scratch.